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Due to the level of risk and the insurmountable evidence often collected in federal white collar crime cases, it is paramount to have an exceptional corporate defense lawyer on your side from the very beginning. Federal crime defense attorney Mark Khalaf provides business professionals with sophisticated legal counsel tailored to their specific white collar case. Contact Khalaf & Khalaf to discuss how to preserve your interests and avoid criminal conviction.

Resolving White Collar Crime Cases Prior to Federal Indictment

Criminal matters are handled quite differently in the corporate world. Everyone involved – the business, business partners, shareholders, employees, etc. – has a vested interest in the matter as well as a reputation to protect. In most instances, white collar crime charges or allegations are not made or publicized until there is already significant evidence gathered. Prior to such time, the matter is investigated quietly by federal law enforcement.

As an experienced federal white collar crime defense lawyer in California, Mark Khalaf knows how to effectively resolve corporate criminal cases before the matter escalates to a federal indictment. His experience in prosecution and law enforcement enables him to proactively investigate the facts and pursue resolution. By negotiating with federal investigators and alleged corporate victims, he is often capable of influencing investigators to bring investigations to an end and avoid filing charges.

Our federal white collar crime/corporate crime practice includes:

Conviction for a white collar crime can damage your reputation, future career prospects and criminal record. Avoid such severe consequences by contacting an experienced corporate defense attorney Khalaf & Khalaf.

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