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Serious Traffic Violations – Pasadena

Contact Pasadena suspended drivers license defense attorney Mark Khalaf if you need advice and representation about serious driving offenses. With his law enforcement background as a Los Angeles County reserve sheriff’s deputy, he has a sharp understanding of how to negotiate reduced charges for traffic offenses of all kinds. Mark Khalaf knows what aspects of a driver’s alleged offense and overall record the prosecution considers in deciding to accept a reduced charge agreement. He also knows how to contest in court those elements of a serious driving offense that are hardest to prove.

Given this background and set of skills, Pasadena reckless driving lawyer Mark Khalaf might represent your best choice in court if you’re facing such misdemeanor or felony traffic charges as:

  • Hit and run, or leaving the scene of an accident
  • Driving on a suspended license
  • Reckless driving or careless driving
  • DUI and other alcohol related driving offenses
  • Extreme speeding
  • Vehicular assault

Depending on your prior record and other factors, many of these charges carry penalties of jail or even imprisonment, can be charged as probation violations, or could endanger your ability to hold a driver’s license in California for years or even life.

Pasadena misdemeanor traffic defense attorney Mark Khalaf understands how to analyze the police report, your prior record, evidence of extenuating circumstances, and the other facts of your case. Then he develops a strategy that considers all defenses to the charges, and if the charges cannot be dismissed or reduced, he may consider a plea agreement with the prosecution that will do your driving record the minimum amount of harm.

In many situations, Mark Khalaf will have previous experience in negotiating arrangements with a particular prosecuting attorney, and will know just how to present the circumstances of your case to best assure a positive outcome. For further information about his ability to represent your best interests in a serious traffic violation case, contact him at Khalaf & Khalaf in Pasadena for a free case evaluation.

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