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Pasadena DUI Defense Attorney

Sometimes the most innocent person may make a terrible mistake and find themselves charged with a DUI offense. Unfortunately, DUI, or driving under the influence, is a most common offense, yet it is also one of the most complicated, intricate and difficult to defend against – especially in California. It is in your best interest to assert your rights immediately and to get the best and most experienced DUI attorney Pasadena has: Mark Khalaf.

Mark Khalaf is an experienced criminal defense attorney with a specialty in DUI. Mark was born and raised in Pasadena, still resides there, and practices law there as well. He has an intricate familiarity with the Pasadena and Los Angeles court systems and has developed a valuable working relationship with the district attorney’s office. Additionally, attorney Khalaf has worked for many years as a reserve sheriff’s deputy in Los Angeles County. This experience and knowledge is of tremendous benefit as Mark defends his clients because it provides him with the practical background and experience necessary to experience the greater perspective. He has worked on both sides of the criminal justice system.

DUI’s are often a result of successfully proving various categories of evidence against the accused, including driving patterns, physical signs of driver impairment, field sobriety test results, and chemical test results. If any of these aspects are successfully challenged, the case may deteriorate. Mark Khalaf knows how to successfully pursue the investigation and how to obtain a dismissal or other beneficial result, including a reduced charge. Depending on the defendant’s history and the circumstances involved, many cases do not go to trial, and Mr. Khalaf may resolve the case on your behalf, to your benefit, outside of court, thereby helping you to avoid the heartbreak, anxiety, and additional expense of an elongated trial.

A successful drunk driving defense requires specialized knowledge and skills. For example, it is sometimes possible to get the client’s drivers license suspension or revocation delayed until the resolution of the DMV issue. This will allow the client to drive to work or school or to go to essential appointments. The capable DUI attorney can recognize and identify mistakes that have been made by the arresting officer and use this to your benefit. The results of breath and blood and urine tests must be thoroughly verified and rechecked for accuracy. DUI attorney Mark Khalaf understands the intricate details that must be analyzed in order to properly verify the breathalyzer results. There are subtle indicators that can be interpreted only by an experienced DUI attorney. It is absolutely essential for the client to have an expert criminal defense attorney with a specialty in DUI cases working on his or her behalf, whether it is in open court or behind the scenes.

It is possible that defense attorney Mark Khalaf may be able to reduce a jail sentence considerably, possibly by exchanging community service hours for jail time. In Pasadena, defense attorney Mark Khalaf is the DUI attorney you need to help you in your dire need. Please call the office for a free consultation to see if we may be of service to you.

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