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Pasadena – Drug Crime Defense

Drug charges can be accompanied by additional criminal charges, like conspiracy and money laundering, which often carry their own penalties and bring enhanced penalties under the federal sentencing guidelines. Additionally, in drug trafficking and drug manufacturing cases, the government may initiate a criminal forfeiture proceeding. Under state and federal law, the government can seize any property or assets it believes the accused acquired with proceeds from illegal drug activity. At the law office of Khalaf & Khalaf, our attorneys defend our clients on multiple legal fronts in drug crimes cases. We also challenge criminal forfeitures that often have the effect of making it more difficult for the accused to defend themselves against the drug charges leveled against them.

Regardless of whether you’ve been arrested or are currently under investigation for drug crimes, it’s important to understand what you’re facing and the legal options available to you. For a free case evaluation about the charges you’re facing, contact the Pasadena drug crimes lawyers at Khalaf & Khalaf.

Drug Crimes Investigations and Allegations of Narcotics Trafficking

We can defend you on possession or distribution charges involving the following drugs:

  • Methamphetamine or crystal meth
  • Cocaine and crack cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Heroin
  • Ecstasy and club drugs
  • Unauthorized prescription drugs and painkillers

Providing a Defense against Drug Crime Charges

Pasadena drug charges lawyer Mark Khalaf will examine all of the circumstances of your arrest, the execution of a search warrant, and probable cause for the traffic stop to find any constitutional defense that can support suppression of the evidence against you.

Not only do we provide an energetic and aggressive defense on the immediate charges against you, we’re also aware of the longer-term consequences of a serious drug conviction. We’ll work with you to determine your eligibility for a treatment or diversion program that can result in the reduction or dismissal of the charges.

In cases charged as possession for sales, we’ll work hard to reduce the case to a simple possession charge in order to preserve your eligibility for diversion followed by expungement of the conviction. Pasadena drug crimes defense attorney Mark Khalaf also represents persons charged with probation violations related to illegal drugs.

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Don’t let a drug conviction ruin your future career prospects. Contact Khalaf & Khalaf in Pasadena for dependable advice about your legal options.

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