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Pasadena Criminal Defense Attorney

When you need a superior criminal defense attorney Pasadena is the home of the ultimate firm: Khalaf and Khalaf. Brothers Mark and Ted Khalaf were born and raised in Pasadena, and still live and work there. Their deep roots and intricate familiarity with the local court system are of great benefit in navigating and defending cases.

The law varies greatly from city to city in California. That’s why it’s so important to work with attorneys who know their local laws inside and out. If you need a top criminal defense attorney Pasadena, brothers Mark and Ted Khalaf are your top choices. These brothers are long-time legal veterans in the city of Pasadena. They’ve established relationships with their fellow Pasadena attorneys. They are familiar faces before the judges working in the courts here. This in-depth knowledge of the city and its legal system are keys to helping you whether you need the help of a dui lawyer or if you need legal representation for anything from domestic violence to sex crimes to drug charges. Don’t let local laws trip up your legal defense. Work instead with a dui lawyer or criminal defense attorney who knows the potential legal pitfalls in this city.

If you have been charged with a DUI offense, you will receive the expertise of a DUI attorney at Khalaf and Khalaf. A DUI attorney specializes in the intricacies of California’s DUI laws and has the specialized knowledge, awareness and skills to help you in every aspect of your case, from reviewing the details of the roadside sobriety tests and arrest, to planning a specific course of legal and procedural action. At Khalaf and Khalaf, every particular detail and aspect of your case will be examined with a proverbial fine-tooth comb. Did the arrest comply with the requirements of a “good” arrest? Were you given your rights? Were your rights tampered with or withheld from you? Were you properly blood tested and was there an accurate reading of the blood alcohol level? Was the breathalyzer test properly assessed? Was the machine properly calibrated? These are just a few of the many variables in the case that will be scrutinized on your behalf when applicable.

At Khalaf and Khalaf, experienced criminal defense attorneys are prepared to represent you in domestic violence cases, drug crimes cases and sex crimes cases. A domestic violence attorney is particularly aware of the the subtle nuances of the relationship between the parties in the case. It is not necessarily difficult for an individual to get wrongfully arrested in a domestic violence case because when the police arrive they arrest the person that they think used the most force or was the aggressor, but since they were not witnesses to the events, they really are making a guess. Therefore, the facts are subject to further review and interpretation. A domestic violence attorney will represent you when you most need a calm, centered and steady legal guide, despite the aggravation between the parties. It is imperative that you have solid legal representation at this vulnerable time. At Khalaf and Khalaf you will benefit from their years of experience in the field of domestic violence cases.

Two of the other types of cases that the lawyers at Khalaf and Khalaf can help you with are sex crimes and drug crimes. A sex crime case can have a dire outcome unless you have an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to protect and defend your rights. It is in your best interest to contact a lawyer immediately if you have been charged with a sex crime, including rape, pornography, child abuse or molestation, date rape, indecent exposure or prostitution – to name a few. The lawyers at Khalaf and Khalaf are well versed in all applicable California defenses, including insufficient evidence, consent, lack of witnesses, lack of DNA, possible mistaken identity, and others.

Drug offenses include possession, trafficking, distribution, cultivating, and more. It is essential to call a lawyer immediately to protect and defend your rights if you have been charged with a drug crime. The lawyers at Khalaf and Khalaf are experts in representing drug crimes charges and may be able to help you get the charges completely dropped or minimized. As in all cases, lawyers Mark and Ted Khalaf will provide you with aggressive and proactive legal representation. Call Khalaf and Khalaf now for a free consultation to see how you may be helped.

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