Decrease in DUI Arrests This Thanksgiving

Across California, fewer people needed to meet with a California DUI lawyer this year, although some areas of the country recorded an increase in DUI arrest activity. The California Highway Patrol says that there were more DUI arrests this Thanksgiving holiday in Orange and San Diego Counties. However, overall DUI arrest numbers across California were down.

Officers arrested 69 people for DUI in Orange County over the Thanksgiving holiday, as of Sunday morning. Last year, the number of arrests was 39. In San Diego County, the number of people arrested was 88. Last year, 85 people had been arrested over the same period of time.

Overall, the number of people arrested for DUI across California was down this year. 1,350 people were arrested this year for DUI in California. Last year, 1,419 people had been arrested for DUI. However, the number of people dying in accidents caused by alcohol use was up across the state. Last year, 12 people were killed in driving drunk driving accidents in California. This year, the number had increased to 21.

Holiday season is typically busy season for California DUI attorneys. Not only are more people likely to drink and drive during these holidays, but their chances of being pulled over are also high because of increased law-enforcement activity during holidays. In fact, the police presence on the streets is likely to increase over the next few weeks with a spike in shoppers.

Motorists are more likely to be pulled over for DUI as we get closer to Christmas and New Years’. The California Highway Patrol will step up its enforcement activities and place more troopers on streets and highways. Local law-enforcement agencies are likely to follow suit. In addition to drunk driving crackdowns, law-enforcement agencies also conduct seatbelt crackdowns during the holidays, and these checkpoints often result in DUI arrests.

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